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Stock,and commodity trading. Stock,and commodity trading.

This is Stock,and commodity trading.If You Trade Stocks, Options Or Futures
Read This Page Carefully Because…
“For A Limited Time Only, You Can Now Own A Professional Fibonacci & Gann Trading Software That’s Surprisingly Easy To Use For A Mere Fraction Of The Price…”
Dear Friend,
If you’re reading this page right now, chances are that you’re probably a trader on the commodity, futures or stock market.
In other words, you can’t afford to mess around with theory or “hearsay”, for every single decision you make can directly affect your earnings for months or years to come.
Whether you’re a serious or casual trader, there’s one thing we, as traders absolutely know about. And that is:-
You Can’t Expect To Make Serious, Long Term
Returns On Your Investment
Without Using A Tried & Tested System!
You may strike gold once or twice through pure blind luck, or even by mindlessly following the crowd. But without a reliable system of calculating potential price reversal points, you’re exposing yourself to a much larger amount of trading risk than necessary.
When I first started trading 12 years ago, I worked for one of the largest grain trading companies in the world. I was directly responsible for placing their futures orders, which meant I had to devote myself to an intensive technical analysis of market trends.
In other words, I needed a highly accurate way of knowing when and how markets will react.
The more I studied, the more I became interested in the techniques used to “trade price and time”. You see, most traders are only aware of calculating potential reversal points using price, but few trade when price and time meet.
Two of the best techniques for trading price and time are Fibonacci and the Gann “Square of Nine” .
I was intrigued by these techniques mainly because they were:-
Easy to understand and apply – Based on sound mathematical formulas, they can be easily applied and do not require any knowledge of how indicators work. Neither do you need to apply fundamental market data to a market.
Versatile. Can be used in conjunction with any trading technique – Usage of these technical analysis methods do not limit the trader. In fact, you may use price & time trading with other techniques you’re familiar with, or by itself. The choice is yours.
Suitable for stocks and commodities trading – Whether you trade stocks or commodities, you’ll find price and time trading methods equally relevant to you.
And guess what, 12 years after I’ve been studying Fibonacci and Gann “Square of Nine” techniques…
I’m Still Convinced That They Are The Best Technical Analysis Anyone Can Use For Trading!
Look, although the science behind Fibonacci and Gann trading are as old as the 13th century… just knowing how to trade with these 2 techniques are invaluable skills for any trader.
Whether you have your own preferred methods of technical analysis or are still searching for the right one, trading by price and time will be a much treasured weapon in your arsenal.

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Commodity option secrets. Commodity option secrets.

This is Commodity option secrets.”Who Else Wants To Put Themselves Through An Exclusive, Top Secret Training Program, Developed By An Ex-Trader From One Of The World’s Largest Grain Trading Companies That Can Instantly Transform Your Commodity Option Trades Into Pure Gold, While Minimizing Risks And Losses To The Lowest Possible Level?”
If You Answered ‘Yes, I Do’ To The Above Question, Read On To Find Out How You Can Take Advantage Of This Once In A Lifetime Opportunity…
Dear Friend,
Since you’re reading this page right now, I can be fairly certain that you have a keen interest in futures options trading. Whether you are a beginner aspiring to get started, or someone who has a fair bit of experience in trading… I’m sure you would have noticed one thing when it comes to finding good, reliable sources of information on trading options.
That Most Of The Information You Find Is A Waste Of Time!
I really don’t mean to be blunt, but quite frankly I’m tired of watching others get ripped off. As a matter of fact, I was ripped off myself a couple of times before I managed to wade through all the misinformation there is on this subject.
For example, since I started trading commodity options more than a decade ago, I have (at times out of desperation) purchased option systems and subscribed to newsletters that were WAY overpriced. To make things worse, these “systems” lacked a unique trading style and were simply rehashing common information… over and over again!
At one point in time, I spent $250 a month on a newsletter that taught me how to spot 90% winners based on probability alone. It’s not a bad strategy. In fact probability trading in the options market is a great strategy, if done correctly, but the problem is you didn’t need his service.
You can look at the Delta of an option to figure out the probability of the trade. Too high a monthly charge and too simple a strategy.
As a result of my ignorance,
I Was Paying Through My Nose
… For Something I Could Have Easily Done Myself!
Currently there are option newsletters on the Internet priced at $100 – $200 per month with the same old Delta Neutral, Credit Spread type of trading.
You probably are facing the same problem. Too many people trying to offer you their advice, and trying to get you to pay for their advice… But who should you trust?
Frankly, I’m not in a position to tell you how to spend your money, but may I suggest that you heed the words of someone who has been there, done that…
Do Not Spend Money On Another System Or Course
Until You Have Finished Reading This Page
… And gotten MY message. It would at the very least save you some time and trouble.
Good, now that you and I have at least reached a common understanding, let’s take a look at what I did when I first started trading commodity options more than a decade ago…
Back then, I was quite desperate for information (and for the money to be made) that I subscribed to expensive newsletters… sometimes at a couple of hundred dollars a month, as you read earlier. I also delved and spent considerable amount of time in all sorts of fancy “systems” that were frankly, nothing more than rehashed, commonly available strategies that have been packaged to sound good.
Very often, these “systems” (or models as they call it) are too simplistic and one dimensional for use in the real world.
Despite all the setbacks and proverbial ‘punches to my nose’ I was dealt with, I still consider it…
The Best Lesson I’ve Ever Received In Options Trading!
Quite simply because it taught me not to place too much trust in ‘one system’ or ‘one method’.
For many years, I entered the Futures orders for one of the largest grain trading companies in the world.
What you are going to learn will be my complete, trail blazing strategies developed over thousands of hours of endless experimentation, and meticulous study.
These have been my “pet secrets” for many years so if you are interested in trading futures options like an old timer, take the next few minutes and read what I have to say very carefully.
What eventually emerged was an…
Idiot Proof System That Can Instantly Benefit ANY Trader,
Regardless Of Trading Style!
It can be used with any option market, including stock options!
You must be curious to know what this system of mine entails so let’s get right down to the juicy details…
My main focus is on 2 trades. The First Trade is something known as a scale trading technique that will (for the lack of any good descriptive words) blow you away once you learn the details of it. Top and leading commercial firms (which I’m not allowed to name here) have been using this same technique to trade the Futures market for years… and now you, the small time trader can do the same.
You see, one of the most important skills you can ever hone is…
Learning To Trade While NOT Caring
About Market Direction!
For a fact, most people are dead worried about market directions. They’re worried that if the markets go down, they lose money.

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Foreclosures in Canada $205.30 a sale. Foreclosures in Canada $205.30 a sale.

This is a Foreclosures in Canada $205.30 a sale.

If you have been in the market hunting for a luxurious home. You have got company and lots of them. There was a record shattering over 30% increase in sales from 2012 in cities like Vancouver, Calgary & Edmonton. The survey was conducted by RE/MAX in 16 markets and 75 percent of the market recorded an increase over past year.Vancouver is the hottest market which recorded 1609 sales of house priced at or over $2 million. The city marked a 36% jump over 2012. It also holds the record for the most expensive home sold in 2013 which was a 3 bedroom condo valued at $ 25 million. In Vancouver the growth has been fuelled by the tear down of old homes and building new ones priced between $5 million to $10 million.
Foreclosures of all types available
•Bank Foreclosures – Bank Repossessed Homes and Repos
•Bank-Owned Homes and Government Property
•Foreclosures Auctions and Tax liens
Listings of Foreclosures, Bank-Owned Foreclosures and Bank Repo Homes
•Foreclosures from Banks and the Canadian Government
•Canada wide Foreclosure Listings make finding your dream home easy
•Foreclosure Research to stay on top of the real estate market
•Find Foreclosure Listings by Province, City
• is your one-stop place to find huge savings on homes!
Top Foreclosure Locations
The locations showing the most foreclosures are the same areas that had the highest appreciation in the real estate boom.
1. Alberta Foreclosures
2. British Columbia Foreclosures
3. Ontario Foreclosures
4. Manitoba Foreclosures.
Can I really save thousands off a property?
The answer is a definite YES. Believe it or not, there are foreclosed homes in Canada that sell substantially below its market value; and given the current economic conditions, it is no wonder a lot of people are joining the bandwagon and are searching for these fantastic real estate deals.
How does one utilize your service?
Upon registration, the website will assign you a User ID as well as a password that you instant access to our foreclosure listings database system. You will be able to all our many services such as searching for foreclosed real estate properties throughout various Provinces, compare prices, see photos, get contact information and more!
How do I contact Customer Support?
For fastest response, submit a ticket HERE. Our Customer Support Department is available to assist you during regular business hours. We can be reached by email or by phone. Our toll-free phone number is 1-888-829-5832. Our email is support [at]
How do I start?
It’s very simple!
Just click here to register.
You’ll become a member with full access to the listings, reports and information needed to find your dream home. Visitors that don?t register (Non-members) do not get full access to the listings, contact information or special member-only deals.
How much does the service cost?
Most members register for our Trial Membership so they can try before they buy. After the Trial Period, we will charge your account a monthly membership fee of less than $50.00 per month. This is a small investment to pay for our extensive list of bargain properties that can potentially save you thousands with.
Do I have to pay shipping or handling charges?
There are absolutely NO shipping and handling charges for our online members.
How do I cancel my membership?
To cancel, simply call our cancellation hotline: 1-888-636-3319 or contact us.
If I do not use the service, will I get charged?
YES, you will be charged whether you use the service or not because we need to cover our expenses for providing your with this insider foreclosure information. And why wouldn?t you use the available services anyway? Your membership will allow you to have full access to our comprehensive list of foreclosed properties and help you purchase firesale properties. We recommend you use your membership well.
Will this work for me?
Yes, it will! According to government studies and indepedant case studies, foreclosures are selling for up to 50% below maret prices. Never before in history has the economic situation allowed the average person to profit from real estate like today. Join our many members who search for foreclosures in our site and start saving today!
How does your service help me?
We are able to help in ways that no ordinary real estate websites can. Our website offers its members full access to our extensive list of properties-on-sale and other real estate information such as foreclosures, bank-owned property, government-owned homes, auctions, and tax sales listings. Upon seeing the list and comparing prices the members could then make guided and sound real estate business decisions.
What makes you different from other real estate resources?
While other sites promote REAL ESTATE AGENTS that sell you homes at regular retail (market) price or even higher, we assist you in finding foreclosed properties that can be 20% to 50% below market value. In addition, our site may have listings of distressed properties that you will not find anywhere, on-line or off-line – not even on the MLS. This is what sets us into a category of our own compared to other real estate sources.
How extensive are your listings of homes?
Our website has thousands of homes on its real estate listing that include single-family homes, apartments, vacant lots, income properties, and mobile homes. You can be assured too that the list isn?t bogus and is up-to-date because whatever we post onto our website goes through an unbiased 10-point quality check that thoroughly screens the list prior to publication.
I’m looking to buy a home in a different area, city, province, etc
This isn?t really a problem as our website is equipped with a powerful proprietary search engine that is able to search and give matches whether what you are looking for is by province, city. You could also click on the website?s Map to hasten your search. Expand your searches too by adding the number of bedrooms or bathrooms or the price range of the homes you are interested in into your searches.
What if I have no experience in real estate?
No problem. Even though real estate may seem difficult to learn at first, anyone can learn quickly and easily. We offer step-by-step instructions with our foreclosure buying guide available to members. Just follow the bouncing ball and you will be on your way to buying your first foreclosure property at a huge discount! Once you have done it once, you will see how easy it is.
What is a Foreclosure?
It is when a homeowner defaults on a mortgage either because he could no longer pay the monthly dues or he misses a scheduled payment that a Foreclosure happens. Meanwhile the property involved in a foreclosure is referred to as ?distressed? because the person who owns it is at the time in financial distress. The ?distressed? property eventually becomes a bargain buying opportunity for well-informed investors while indirectly helping the property?s owner get out of the financial distress he/she is in.
What is the process behind a Foreclosure?
Foreclosing a property takes some time. It goes through a process described in these three steps, namely: (1) Pre-Foreclosure; (2) Foreclosure Sale/Auction; and (3) Bank-owned Foreclosures. At, we have an extensive list of properties undergoing the last two steps in the Foreclosure process.
What is a Pre-Foreclosure?
Also referred to as a NOD or Notice of Default, this is the first step in the Foreclosure process. A Pre-Foreclosure happens when a homeowner misses at least one loan payment. The non-payment automatically names the homeowner as a delinquent borrower but the bank has not taken legal possession of the property yet. Unfortunately at we do not have a listing of properties undergoing Pre-Foreclosure. We recommend subscribing to this.
What is a Court Auction or Foreclosure Sale?
This is the second stage in the Foreclosure process and happens immediately after the homeowner was unable to get back up to date with mortgage payments (or sell the home) during the Pre-forelosure phase. In this stage, interest homebuyers bid on the property in a court auction in front of a judge. It sells to the highest bidder in order to re-capture the capital the the lenders (the bank) have in the property. To buy at these court auctions, the buyers usually have cash-on-hand to pay for the property. Court Auctions usually sell for 25-50% below market value.
What is Bank-Owned Property?
A foreclosed property becomes bank-owned when at the time of the Foreclosure Auction, there was no other bidder or when it was the lender who succeeds in the bidding process. Either way it is the bank then becomes the property?s sole owner. Since banks consider real estate as a non-performing asset, they try their best to dispose of the property. This is when opportunistic homebuyers such as you come in to grab this great bargain buying opportunity.
Do you have Pre-Foreclosure Listings?
We have foreclosure auction and bank-owned foreclosures. Unfortunately, we do not offer Pre-Foreclosure Listings at We recommend subscribing to.
What is a FSBO?
FSBO stands for ?For Sale By Owner?, which simply means that it is the homeowner himself who is selling the property without the aid of a real estate agent. This is now the trend among homeowners who want to dispose of their homes without paying real estate commissions. The disadvantage however is that the sellers will not have as much exposure to potential buyers than if they had listed it on the MLS with a real estate agent – and therefore sell for maximum price.
Can I get a mortgage for a home I found on
Yes, as long as you are qualified for the loan. You can find out if you qualify now by submitting an application. To apply, simply click on the ?Loans? link found in our website.
I have bad/poor credit, can I still buy these homes?
At we partner with all types of lenders with offer loans to people under varied credit levels. Sometimes even for 100% financing!
I lost my password / userid…
Go to and click “Forgot Password”. Enter your email that you signed up with and we will email you your user id and login again. If you need further assistance, please contact customer service at support [at]
What happens if I like the membership and don’t cancel my trial?
92% of trial members decide to continue after their trial membership. To continue your membership, do nothing, you will be billed automatically each month until you cancel.
How does your $7 trial work?
You pay only $7 for instant full access to our foreclosure listings and private members area for 7 days. If you do not cancel your membership during your 7 day trial, your subscription will continue automatically for $47 per month. You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time without penalty.
I don\’t have a credit card, can I pay by check or money order?
Only credit card payments are accepted at this time.

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5 step system to building a debt negotiation business. 5 step system to building a debt negotiation business.

This is a 5 step system to building a debt negotiation business.If you are in the process of building your own debt negotiation business and are willing to take the next necessary steps towards this goal…
Learn the “Five Step System to Building a Debt Negotiation Business”
You’ve probably figured it out by now. We are still in a recession and a lot of folks out there need your help with solving their overwhelming debt problems.
Providing debt relief services in our current economy is changing and you will need to adjust to these changes. There are new rules that you will need to follow if you sign up clients by telephone. There are new disclosures that need to be made to your customers when offering debt relief services. You will also want to make a face to face meeting with your client before accepting and fees for providing debt relief services.
The main rules you will need to follow are in the telemarketing laws. Once you know these rules you will be able to begin offering debt relief services to your clients.
But you don’t know whether the time if right for you to venture into offering debt negotiation services to help these folks, right?
You still have a lot of questions about how to structure the business, the best way to partner with companies that specialize in debt negotiation. Also, you have questions about how much you will be compensated for your services.
But, what if I could change all of that for you? What if you had a Step-by-Step System that showed you exactly how to build your debt negotiation business? Would you follow each of the Five Steps of that System?
Step by Step Guidance
The Debt Negotiation Five Step System which you can download in the next few minutes walks you through with detailed instructions on how to build your debt negotiation empire so you can begin helping others with their debt related problems in as little as seven days.
So this is what you get:
A Step by Step System, not available in any other source, that shows you exactly what you need to do to build your debt negotiation business
An easy to implement shortcut to jump start your Debt Negotiation Business.
Insider tips that will help speed up the learning curve to learning debt negotiation techniques.
Three debt negotiation forms that every debt negotiation business should have at the core of their business.
Discover the keys to finding the right debt negotiation strategy and program for each of your debt negotiation clients.
Identification of the “debt settlement sweet spot” which will help you determine which of your clients are good candidates for this lucrative program.
Detailed instructions on ways to find the best debt negotiation partners to complement your business.
And most important: discover the new method to find other money making opportunities related to debt negotiation niche businesses.
These gems of tips and guidance are worthy of the price of this Guide on their own and are included in the Five Step System.
Amazing Free Bonus Guide Included with your Purchase
Order the Five Step Debt Negotiation System today and Receive the Debt Settlement Roadmap Guide as a Bonus at no additional cost to you:
What you’ll get in this Bonus Guide: “Your Road Map to Starting Your Own Debt Settlement Company”. This additional Step by Step Instructional Guide shows you the exact steps you need to take to set up your own debt settlement business in the next seven days. Here’s what you will get when you read this Bonus Road Map Guide:
Step by Step Instructions of the Top Three Action Items You Should Take Today to your end zone goal of having your own effective and profitable Debt Settlement Business.
Directions on how to find the best back-end debt settlement provider including where to get names and contact information for companies that are reputable and have high ratings by industry organizations.
Access to the “Secret 17 Questions You Need to Ask” Worksheet – You will use this worksheet to screen out each of the back-end providers with whom you are considering working.
DS Tips Section of the Road Map shows you the Debt Settlement enrollment rules and fee structures you need to know so that you can explain these rules to your new clients.
Answers to the question, “How long will it take to settle each of the debts that need to be addressed for a particular client?”
Minimum monthly payment requirements for your new clients – How much does the client have to place in the account each month?
Maximum terms for DS clients and minimum debt amounts that are eligible into a typical debt settlement program.
And much more … 30 Days Money Back Guarantee:
Keep the Five Step System and the Bonus Road Map Guide for 30 days, try it out, and if you are not satisfied that you now have a better understanding how to build your own debt negotiation business, then send me an email and I will cheerfully refund your money. You have nothing to lose.

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My Camera Biz. My Camera Biz.

This is My Camera Biz.Only when I thought all hope was lost a friend of mine let me in on a secret. A secret so closely guarded by industry insiders that they did not want me to publish this information.You see if you can take photo’s – even basic amateur photos you can make money starting immediately.Most people think you need to be a professional photographer and spend thousands of dollars on professional equipment to make any money. Well those people are wrong and I’m living proof of it.Most people working in my industry have no experience and the majority of these people have either a cellphone camera or an inexpensive digital camera.I went on a mission to find out how all of these people are making money from basic photographs. I figured with my knowledge of the photography industry that I could make it big and I have.There is no feeling in the world like taking one photograph and getting paid on it week after week, month after month and YES even year after year.Best of all most places deposit the funds directly into my PayPal account or bank account. Sure you can have them send you a check but I love the speed of getting deposits all month long in my bank account. So why aren’t more people doing this?The answer is simple – THEY DON’T HAVE THE INFORMATION THAT YOU WILL HAVE IN THE NEXT FEW MINUTES on where to upload your photos and how to get paid for.

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Real translator jobs-New top offer!-$100.00.Bonus to affiliates. Real translator jobs-New top offer!-$100.00.Bonus to affiliates.

This is Real translator jobs-new top offer!-$100.00.Bonus to affiliates.Can You Speak English? Can You Speak another language?WE HAVE A JOB FOR YOU!Thousands of people online are discovering how doing simple translator jobs from home can be very profitable! See how they’re making money doing this by signing up now!LIMITED POSITIONS JOIN TODAY.Desperately Seeking Translators! NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!Work with established, REAL companies and individuals.Work from home, full or part time.Set your own hours.Choose to get paid in US dollars or in your own currency.Get paid with Paypal, Xoom, bank deposit, check or even Western Union!
If you want to learn how others are earning $100, $200 or even $500 a day translating simple documents from the comfort of your own home or office… please read on.
Do you know that in the last 3 years, the demand for freelance translators has increased so much, the employers are practically BEGGING for people to help?
As the whole world becomes more of a global marketplace, companies are forced to interact with customers who speak foreign languages. In fact last year, 2015, we saw an increase of 500% in the amount of new job openings.
While most companies around the world are laying people off, and downsizing, the language translation industry is GOING CRAZY hiring people JUST LIKE YOU! Still, most people do not know where to look for these jobs, and on top of that, most companies might be a little skeptical to hire you without the proper introduction.
That’s where we come in. Real Translator Jobs works with THOUSANDS of employers and lists thousands of jobs. Our employers love to hire our members because we have a long established history with them and have sent them thousands of our qualified members to fill their job openings.
As exciting as this opportunity is, it is important to note that you must know the two languages fluently in order to become an online translator. While you can make great money doing this, you must be able to do near perfect translations in order to make your clients happy and continue translating more in the future.

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This is year large and small companies spend billions of dollars on surveys and market research to help learn what products people like you want to buy! They NEED your opinion to help improve their products which will help them make more money and are willing to pay you for your help!The best part is that ANYONE can take paid surveys. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, man or woman, or what language you speak! You WILL get paid for your opinion!You may have heard of “paid surveys” before but you should be careful to work with only reputable companies. There are a lot of companies out there that promise you the world but can’t deliver enough paid surveys for you to make a good income.That is why is so special, we will connect you with hundreds of the top research companies all over the world that need surveys takers in United States of America to start taking paid surveys right away.

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New website launched!People need jobs! New website launched!People need jobs!

This is a New website launched!People need jobs!

Founded in 2006, Home Job Group is certified by VERI-CORP, and has been a leading company helping people find real jobs they can perform at home. Many of our clients have found a home job that fits their needs. We are a global company that has helped people from many different countries. We understand your struggles in finding a job, in fact, our CEO has a tough story of her own!We have been called the #1 PICK FOR FINDING A REAL HOME JOB by several web sites. You can check out these reviews of our service by clicking here. We also believe that your satisfaction with our service is important. We are so sure you will be satisfied, we offer everyone a 60 day money back guarantee.We have a directory with over 20 different job categories and over 2500 companies looking for people like you, to complete tasks for their businesses.These are NOT business opportunities for you to start up and run, just real home jobs. You complete their tasks, you get paid by them directly. Once you join you are guaranteed immediate access to our members area. Inside, there is an organized menu of job categories. Click on the category to browse the jobs currently available. Then, once you find something that sounds like it is for you, follow that businesses instructions to apply. They will contact you about your new job soon after.
About the jobs listed inside:
Our jobs listed inside are real jobs that pay you. You do not have to pay them for anything. They are NOT “business opportunities”. Not that starting your own business is a bad idea, it just isn’t for everyone. So, if you are looking to start your own business, you are in the wrong place. If you are looking to earn extra money completing tasks like the ones listed above, you are in the right place.
Over the years we’ve helped over 293,000 honest hard working people. We feel great knowing that we are providing a needed service to both you and the companies that need you. Below is an example of some jobs available in our member area:
Who these major companies are looking for:The companies listed inside our database are looking for people from all countries that have a desire to work at home. People that can commit to working from home and want a serious job that they can do in their spare time. You don’t need any special skills. They are looking for people all over the world. The biggest thing they are wanting is to make sure you are serious about working for them.About Home Job Group:Founded in 2009, Home Job Group is certified by Vericorp, and has been a leading company helping people find real jobs they can perform at home. Many of our clients have found a home job that fits their needs. We are a global company that has helped people from many different countries. We understand your struggles in finding a job, in fact, our CEO has a tough story of her own! To read her story.We have been called the #1 PICK FOR FINDING A REAL HOME JOB by several web sites. You can check out these reviews of our service. We also believe that your satisfaction with our service is important. We are so sure you will be satisfied, we offer everyone a 60 day money back guarantee. We have a directory with over 20 different job categories and over 2500 companies looking for people like you, to complete tasks for their businesses.These are NOT business opportunities for you to start up and run, just real home jobs. You complete their tasks, you get paid by them directly. Once you join you are guaranteed immediate access to our members area. Inside, there is an organized menu of job categories. Click on the category to browse the jobs currently available. Then, once you find something that sounds like it is for you, follow that businesses instructions to apply. They will contact you about your new job soon after.About the jobs listed inside:Our jobs listed inside are real jobs that pay you. You do not have to pay them for anything. They are NOT “business opportunities”. Not that starting your own business is a bad idea, it just isn’t for everyone. So, if you are looking to start your own business, you are in the wrong place. If you are looking to earn extra money completing tasks like the ones listed above, you are in the right place.
Over the years we’ve helped over 293,000 honest hard working people. We feel great knowing that we are providing a needed service to both you and the companies that need you. Below is an example of some jobs available in our member area:
We receive over 5,000 visitors a day. We do not always have openings for our memberships. Once our number of jobs available gets below a certain number, we close our memberships until we add more jobs. This allows us to always have a large number of jobs available for our members.If you reach this web site when we are not accepting new members, please check back. We add a lot of new job listings daily but we also add a lot of new members.Our goal is to offer the best service for those that join. If there are spots available, please join now so you do not miss out! Remember, we have a full 60 day money back guarantee.
8 Week Money Back Guarantee:We are letting you have access to our members area for a full 8 weeks risk free. Try it out. Use all of the material you get with your membership. If you decide after that that it wasn’t worth it, we will happily give you your money back. No questions asked! We want you to feel comfortable when you join. Having the opportunity to try it out for 8 weeks is as risk free as it gets! Thank you for visiting and welcome!

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Mystery shopping-high conversions-75% commissions. Mystery shopping-high conversions-75% commissions.

This is Mystery shopping-high conversions-75% commissions.


If you’d like to get paid for shopping and dining out in Idaho, and earn good money (plus keep the things you buy for free!), then you need to join our site and get access to the 175+ companies that are hiring Mystery Shoppers! If you want a flexible work schedule, the freedom to pick the jobs that interest you, and very competitive hourly rates, you’ll love the resources you find in our Members’ Area.

Instantly print out and read our 10-part online course “How to Earn Money as a Mystery Shopper”.
Instant access our list of over 175 companies that are hiring Mystery Shoppers in Idaho.
Get our expert tips on how to get Mystery Shopper jobs.
How to pick the right Mystery Jobs for your personality.
How to get repeat business as a Mystery Shopper.
Pitfalls and scams to avoid.
Mystery Shopping jobs you can do over the phone – in your pajamas!
Mystery Shopping experts tell you in their own words how to start and be successful in this exciting industry.
Earn Money as a Mystery Shopper! Get Started Today!

Have you ever dreamed of working the hours you choose, the days you choose, and getting paid well for work that is actually fun? Are you able to go into a store and have interactions with employees, take note of the cleanliness (or lack thereof), and write up a brief report detailing your shopping experience? If so, continue reading on, because those are the exact traits we look for in new Mystery Shoppers.

Major companies spend millions of dollars every year keeping track of their customer service abilities and their general appearance, because they know that customers will not return to their stores if the employees are rude, or the floors dirty, or the shopping experience is in any way unpleasant. That’s where you come in. Mystery Shoppers are a highly valuable resource for major brands to rely on, to keep up their awareness of how they are perceived by customers.

No prior experience is required. All you need to work as a well-paid Mystery Shopper is a pleasant people-friendly personality, the sincere desire to be helpful, the ability to recognize and remember details, and persistence. You can get paid to eat in restaurants, shop in stores, visit spas, malls, banks, and more. And the pay is great, too! Some Mystery Shoppers work several times a week, doing these fun and exciting jobs.

You’re probably asking, if Mystery Shopping is so fun and easy, why isn’t everyone doing it? Well, for starters, not that many people know how to get access to Mystery Shopping jobs. Although there have been news stories featuring Mystery Shoppers in the major media such as NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, Time Magazine, Yahoo, and more, very few people actually go and do the hard work it takes to research the good companies who are hiring Mystery Shoppers today.

That’s where we come in. Our editorial staff has been involved in the Mystery Shopping industry since 2004. We know who the “good guys” are, and who to avoid. The bottom line is, if you are serious about getting paid to shop, you really have two choices: 1) Go it alone and try to figure it all out yourself (not recommended); or, 2) Join a membership site such as Elite Mystery Shopper where we’ve already done the hard work and you can instantly learn what you need to know and start registering for Mystery Shopper jobs with the major Mystery Shopping companies right away.

So, yes, you could go to the “School of Hard Knocks” and figure the industry all out all by yourself, slowly over a period of time (possibly months), or you can have all the important information at your fingertips right now.

Staying on top of the latest trends and opportunities in the Mystery Shopping industry takes time and effort, so we do charge a one-time membership fee of $29.95 to access our Members’ Area. But when you consider the time and effort you will save by joining our site,you’ll find it well worth the nominal membership fee. We offer a full money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase if you are not delighted, so what do you have to lose?

Take the first step into your exciting new life now. We won’t keep membership in Idaho open forever, so be sure to act now before we limit this opportunity in your area!

Join Elite Mystery Shoppers.

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